Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanks Ashleigh!

It's been a few weeks since my students completed the Almanac Scavenger Hunt but, I wanted to share this activity with everyone all the same.  I want to thank Ashleigh a.k.a. Ashleigh's Educational Journey for sharing this idea with me several years ago.  The Almanac Scavenger Hunt allows students fun practice with locating places of large numbers and the value of numbers.  I borrowed all the Almanacs I could find from the Media Center. (I know the librarian hates to see me walk through the doors in September :)  Ashleigh supplied me with a form but, since I teach a grade higher than her, I tweaked it a bit.  The kids love looking for the numbers and values in this activity. 

~Example:  Find a number with a 9 in the thousand's place.  
~Example:  Find a number with a 7 that has the value of 70,000.  

This is a partner activity however, I learned long ago to supply each student with a form to fill out as they go through the activity.  It gives each student a sense of ownership in the activity and motivates them to participate.

Number Scavenger Hunt!

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