Sunday, October 5, 2014

Math Station Booklets

Last summer I posted a very large Math Station Booklet bundle on TpT for the whole year of common core 4th grade mathematics.  I have had several people ask if they could use the math station pages as whole group classwork or for homework.  Absolutely!  I use the booklets in the way that will be most convenient.  I use the booklets as math stations for some standards.  However, I use the activities and drill practices for other standards as partner, group, or whole class practice.  

There are times when it is simply easier to present an activity to the whole class and let all students work on the same activity at the same time.  This can be achieved in partner sets, small groups, or sometimes individually.  

I love these booklets.  They allow me to have activities and practice pages at my fingertips at all times.  I am never at a loss for meaningful practice with my students.  I use some of the pages just for early finishers.  

I have included a couple of pictures of my class from last week working on a couple of activities that the whole class is completing together.  

This activity is called Three in a Row, although we ended up calling it "Cover All," since my students wanted to cover the whole page.  The cards ask, for example, if students have a 6 in the hundred thousands place.  Each student that does, covers it with a token.  The activity comes with cards for all digits 0-9 to have a place.  It also comes with a Three in a Row page to place the tokens on. My students fell in love with this activity.  

The NBT.1 Task Cards were also used as an activity for the whole class.  Some students worked as partners, and some worked in small groups.  The task cards and recording sheet come with the booklet.

Each standard in the Math Station Booklet Bundle has a booklet with 9 activities/practice pages, along with cards, direction pages, and paper manipulatives.  If you would like to see more, please click on the cover page image below.  It is a yearlong project with so much included, you will never be without activities/practice for your students.  

I also have each individual standard included as a separate booklet on TpT if you are looking for only a specific item.  Just visit my store:
Mrs. Courtney's Classroom