Sunday, July 12, 2015


Good morning everyone!  I woke up this morning and began to think...then panic.  (I hate when that happens.  I believe my blood pressure sky rockets while I am laying there in bed stressing over things.)  I began thinking about the fact that I have moved to another classroom and I haven't been to my school once this summer to unpack boxes, put up bulletin boards and all the other things that I never seem to have time to do during inservice.  I finally decided to go up to the school one day next week and start working on my classroom!  My blood pressure went back down with that commitment to myself. :)

One of the main reasons I have not been to unpack my boxes in my classroom is that I have been busy, busy, busy creating some science bundles for TpT.  I have finished 3 of them already and am almost finished with a 4th one.  These bundles are large, containing almost any and everything you need to teach the standard.  Since I am just beginning the science series bundle, I thought I would promote them by giving a 50% discount / sale on the 3 I have on TpT already.  This sale lasts through July 14, 2015.  

Each science bundle consists of the following items:

  • Interactive Notebook Pages:  This is a complete interactive notebook, covering the entire unit, along with picture examples of the majority of the pages.  The notebooks also include information sheets, which are the black/white version of the teacher anchor posters.
  • Teacher Anchor Posters
  • Picture Collages (real-life examples)
  • Vocabulary Word Wall
  • Daily Review Handouts - includes answer keys
  • Worksheets - includes answer keys
  • Pre/Post Assessment - includes answer key
  • Science Experiments
  • Centers/Work Stations
50% off is a tremendous savings on each of these science bundles!  Below are the 3 bundles I have on sale through July 14, 2015. 

 Simply click on any of the pictures to view
the detailed descriptions of the bundles. 

Ecosystems Bundle: 

 (Regular Price: $19.00 / Sale Price $9.50)

Adaptations Bundle:

(Regular Price: $22.00 / Sale Price: $11.00)

Simple Machines Bundle:

(Regular price: $22.00 / Sale price $11.00)

I hope everyone has a good week!  As for me, I've been thinking a bit more about unpacking boxes and  beginning to feel that maybe I need to have a bit of retail therapy and pool time this week before going in and tackling my classroom...just kind of ease myself into it. :)