Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Little Change of Scenery

I am so proud of some of the new "stuff" I have put up in my classroom this year and I just wanted to share some pics of the decorations.  Like many other teachers this year, I'm into the "owl" theme.  Some of these I created...some I purchased.  

I made this Welcome Back banner and placed it over the first place my children go when they come into my room..."the backpack hooks."

Since we practice multiplication facts all year, beginning with the first week of school, I made this multiplication facts bulletin board.  I tried to match the color scheme of the new tree decal I placed on my wall beside the bulletin board.

My Favorite!  I know I have already blogged about this owl tree but, I am in love with it and had to show it again :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Place Value Fun

My kids had a blast this week completing several place value activities.  One activity that is always a hit in my classroom is called Place Value Partners.  It is a simple idea.  There is a Sender board and Receiver board.  Students take turns sending and receiving numbers and then reading the number created.  Both partners have to agree that the number read by the Receiver is read correctly.  This is a great way to practice reading large numbers and placing numbers in the correct place value columns.
I have created a variation of the boards I used and put this activity on TpT.  It is called, "Send Me a Digit."  Please feel free to check it out!  It looks different from the boards you see in the pictures on this blog but, the idea is the same.
Place Value Sender/Receiver Activity

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Getting My Classroom Ready

Well, it's almost time for school to start and I have spent several days this summer trying to "beautify" my classroom.  I have seen so many gorgeous, organized classrooms in the last few weeks.  Wow!  Seeing all these great classrooms made me want to do something exciting to my own.  I began by putting some stickers on my classroom wall.  The wall in my room is a block wall and I kept reading and hearing that stickers would not adhere to textured walls.  So, it was with much apprehension that I put up these stickers.  It took several hours and the entire time I was worried about them sticking.  I just knew when I walked into my classroom several days later, the decals would be peeling from the walls and some of them laying face down on the floor.  So, far nothing has moved.  I am keeping my fingers crossed though!    
                 I am very proud of how these turned out!