Saturday, September 1, 2012

Getting My Classroom Ready

Well, it's almost time for school to start and I have spent several days this summer trying to "beautify" my classroom.  I have seen so many gorgeous, organized classrooms in the last few weeks.  Wow!  Seeing all these great classrooms made me want to do something exciting to my own.  I began by putting some stickers on my classroom wall.  The wall in my room is a block wall and I kept reading and hearing that stickers would not adhere to textured walls.  So, it was with much apprehension that I put up these stickers.  It took several hours and the entire time I was worried about them sticking.  I just knew when I walked into my classroom several days later, the decals would be peeling from the walls and some of them laying face down on the floor.  So, far nothing has moved.  I am keeping my fingers crossed though!    
                 I am very proud of how these turned out!

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