Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Clip Chart is a Lot of Work :)

I have been on Pinterest again!  That is always  dangerous since I love so many of the ideas on that site.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and started the behavior clip chart at the beginning of the year.  I bet everyone has seen this chart.  It is the one where you use clothes pins and move them up and down the chart depending on the behavior.  It is suggested that every student begin on "Ready to Learn" in the middle of the chart each day and then the clothes pins are moved up one place at a time until WOW is reached.  A student can also "clip down" as the day progresses.  The good news is that a student who "clips down" can also move back up the chart.  That is my favorite part of the whole chart!  A student who messes up at the beginning of class is not doomed for the day.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel for that student.  
I tried moving students to "Ready to Learn" each day but, that just proved too much!  I teach 4 different classes and have each class for approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.  I was practically having to reward students for looking nice just to get someone on WOW before the end of class. :)  For the last few weeks we have made the clip chart a weekly event. This has worked out much better.   Students' clips are moved back to "Ready to Learn" only on Mondays.  This allows students time to really deserve "clipping up."

 Students are responsible each day for getting the charts from the back of the door and putting them on the white board.  

Once students reach WOW they get to put a glitter gem sticker on their clothes pin.  Once students get 3 stickers they get to "retire" the clothes pin.    

I have designated a bulletin board and named it the "Wall of Fame" board.  (This is where my hard work begins!)  I make a label for each student who retires their clothes pin.  I have collected ribbon and the student gets to pick out their ribbon of choice.  They absolutely look this part!  I cut the ribbon and place the ribbon and clip on the bulletin board.  Hint:  Do not take for granted that your students will understand why you do not have their ribbons up the next time they enter your classroom. :)

The fun never ends.  Once a clothes pin is retired, the student receives another one. This time I supply a colored marker for color coding it and a permanent marker for writing the student's name.  (It is quite an ordeal, since we are still trying to have class through all the excitement).  The students will repeat the procedure of the first clothes pin using the colors of the behavior chart as the colors for their new clothes pins.

Although the clip chart is time consuming, I have never seen such tremendous efforts to be good and respectful.  Additionally, my students are so excited and love this system.  I do not have to hand out treats or bribe them with prizes.  In fact, the really amazing part of the clip chart is that there are no prizes and treats.  Coloring a clothes pin is what they want!  No one asks what they will get.  They all know they want to "retire" a clip and get a new one. :)

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