Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's Get Organized with TPT

I am a binder kind of person.  I put my recipes, important papers, ideas, and even instructions that come with my appliances, etc... in notebook binders.

 At school, I have a binder I use for all classroom organization, a binder for student information, and my lessons plans have been in notebook binders way before they were cool to use.  I have a binder for every unit I teach.  I have the unit binders with everything I need in them, or if it doesn't fit, then I have a page that tells where the item is.  I am obsessed with  binders, because they keep me organized.  I, personally, know how unorganized I can be without the right system, but, it is truly amazing how many people think I am one of the most organized people they know!  I still look shocked each time I hear this! :)   I give a great amount of the credit to my binders. 

I work hard at staying organized.  That's why I knew I needed a binder to help me with my TPT shop when I first began on Teachers Pay Teachers a few years ago.  I have added to the binder, taken away from it, revised and revised some more.  I finally feel I have it the way I want it.  This binder gets me organized so, I'm not feeling overwhelmed by the whole business thing.  I don't have to search for items, I don't have to guess if I listed a product on a certain collaborative board or not, I don't have to hunt down passwords,  or try to remember an idea I had a few weeks ago.  It is all written down in my TPT binder.  I have even included a form for writing down all the technology problems I encounter, and a place for the solution, and websites that were helpful in finding the solution.
(Um...I won't go into how many technology help pages I have in my binder at this point!  Let's just say it's more than 10 but, less than 1,000.)

I can compare sales from month to month, quarter to quarter, or year to year.  I have a form for expenses and donations, (also helpful during tax season).  There are helpful blogging forms, (including linky parties), pinterest forms, and TPT shop forms, such as a form for the infamous TPT Newsletter submissions.  There are forms for contests and giveaways, listed items, free items, works in progress, a product idea organizer and much more.

I have also included a 12 month calendar which I will update each January.  I hate nothing more than to have to fill in a blank calendar when I buy something. All anyone will have to do is re-download the binder each January and print a brand new FREE yearly calendar, because once the TPT Business Binder is purchased, the new yearly calendar will be free!  YAH!

If I made a form with color on it, I also made a duplicate black/white version so there are options to choose from.  I even did this with the cover pages for each section and the binder cover page and spine.

If you are interested in getting organized, please check out my TPT Business Organization Binder by  clicking on any of the pictures below!

I have also included a Table of Contents below the pictures, since there is even more to this binder than is shown here!  

TPT Business Organization Binder
Table of Contents
·      Introduction
·      Binder Covers & Spines - Divider (3 Choices)
v Binder Covers (4 Choices)
v Binder Spines (2 sizes/7 types, including a blank spine)
·      Ideas - Divider (3 Choices)
v Notes to Self (Color & B/W Version)
v Product Idea Recording Sheet
v Product Idea Graphic Organizer
v Works in Progress (Color & B/W Version)
v Product Checklist
·      My TPT  Products - Divider (3 Choices)
·      My Teachers Notebook Products - Divider (3 Choices) – (Just in case you sell on this site).
v Listed Items Chart (Color & B/W Version)
v Items to be Edited (Color & B/W Version)
v Free Items (Color & B/W Version)
v Newsletter Submissions Recording Sheet (Color & B/W Version)
v Contest & Giveaways (Color & B/W Version)
v Items Contributed to Giveaways (Color & B/W Version)
v I’m Having a Sale (Color & B/W Version)
v Promoting Items (Color & B/W Version)
v Questions for the Forum
v My Accomplishments
·      Graphics & Clip Art - Divider (3 Choices)
v Graphics/Clip Art
·      Fonts - Divider (3 Choices)
v Fabulous Fonts
v Awesome Alphabets
·      Pinterest Boards - Divider (3 Choices)
v Pinterest Collaborative Board Pins
Pinterest Ideas 
·      Blogs - Divider (3 Choices)
v Blogs I Follow
v Ideas From Fellow Bloggers
v Blogging Ideas – Quick List (Color & B/W Versions)
v My Blogging Ideas – (Color & B/W Versions)
v I’m Having a Linky Party! (Completed and Blank Versions of the Chart)
v Yes, I Will Join Your Linky Party! (Completed and Blank Versions of the Chart)
·      Facebook – Divider (3 Choices)
v Facebook Friends
v Facebook Favorite Finds
·      Financial Info – Divider (3 Choices)
v Monthly Shop Sales (Color & B/W Version)
v Quarterly Shop Sales (Color & B/W Version)
v Tracking Sales @a Glance
v Expenses (Color & B/W Version)
v Purchases (Color & B/W Version)
v Donations (Color & B/W Version)
·      Technology Resources – Divider (3 Choices)
v What’s the Password? (Color & B/W Version)
v Favorite Websites
v Technology Help
·      Misc. – Divider (3 Choices)
·      Notes – Divider (3 Choices)
v Notes Clipboard (Color & B/W Version)
·      Common Core Standards – Divider (3 Choices)
·      Calendar of Events – Divider (3 Choices)
v Current Year – Monthly Calendar Pagers – (Color & B/W Version) – This calendar will be updated each year.  This is a free update each year!…
·      Credits Page
·      Appendix A
Blank Divider Templates (9 Choices) 

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