Sunday, August 11, 2013

Apple Glyph

I am so excited!  I just finished an apple glyph for the first day back to school. I wanted to do something fun with my students, and I thought a glyph would be a fun activity.  I just couldn't find one I liked so, I made my own.  This glyph can be used on the first day back to school, or at anytime during the year.  

The glyph comes with directions, suggestions, survey, answer key, apple pattern, and glyph pieces. There are 8 pages total, including the cover page.

You can purchase the Apple Glyph by
 clicking on the link below.

Below is a detailed tutorial to make it
 even simpler to use the Apple Glyph!
  • Students will fill out a survey.  There are 8 questions/statements.
  • A large apple pattern will be used for gluing the glyph pieces.
  • Students will use the answer key to see what glyph pieces they are to use.  
  • The color or shape used on the apple pattern will vary according to the answers on the survey.  Therefore, the colors will vary between students, making their glyphs their own creations.
Below is an example of how to 
complete the apple glyph.

Question 1 

The apple is colored.  Only the apple is colored, not the border around the apple.

Question 2

The border of the apple and the border around the leaves are colored.

Question 3
A mouth is chosen.  When cutting the mouth out, leave some white around it.  This makes it so much easier to cut out!

 Then, color the white part of the mouth the same color as the apple.

 Once the mouth is glued onto the apple,
 it will blend right in.

Question 4
 A moustache is chosen and colored.

 I am going to allow students to use the moustache as bangs instead if they want to.

Question 5
A shape will be chosen for the nose.

I am going to allow my students to place the shape of the apple in any position.  This apple glyph still has a square but, it has been rotated.

Question 6
Students select a pair of eyes.  As with the mouth,  don't even attempt to have students cut out the white between the eyelashes.  Just cut around the eyelashes and color them the color of the apple.

Question 7
The leaves and stem will be colored.
(with moustache)

(with bangs)

Question 8
Legs and sneakers are added.
The Apple Glyph is completed!

Here is another example of the what an Apple Glyph might look like, depending on how the questions on the survey are answered.

I have included a list of suggestions with the actual Apple Glyph in my TPT shop.

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