Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nets to Solids Card Sort

My class just finished my 4th grade geometry unit.  One of the last activities we completed was a card sort where the kids had to figure out what solids a net would make.  The categories were Prisms, Pyramids, Cubes, and "Does Not Make a Solid."  I gave each child a plastic stencil with basic geometric shapes cut out and a piece of white construction paper to draw any nets they did not know for sure.  My students were familiar with some of the nets but, there were some they had never seen.  I wanted to make sure the kids knew the shapes by the characteristics of the faces, not by the common nets that generally make a solid.
I enlarged 3 of the shapes that the students would not be able to make with their stencils and gave each group a set of these 3 nets to try out.   When they were satisfied they had the correct answer, they glued the net under the correct heading on 1/2 piece of construction paper.  

I have included the link to view this activity, Nets to Solids Card Sort.  The card sort also comes with LARGE nets for students to fold if desired, and an Answer Key.  My students used stencils this year, but, have used the large nets in the past.  

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