Sunday, March 25, 2012

Coordinate Grid Game

For those of you who remember the game Battleship, this game is played the same way.  It is called Apples and Worms. This idea came from a Mailbox magazine idea.  My kids love it.  All you need is a piece of construction paper and grid paper.  The students draw two 10 x 10 arrays on each half of the paper, number the grids, and draw 10 apples and 10 worms on the top grid only.  They glue the grid onto the construction paper and they are ready to go!  With a partner, each child takes a turn calling out an ordered pair. The results for the turn are written on the blank 10 x 10 grid.  (The students will either put an apple, a worm, or an x for no item at the coordinate called out.)  The object is to get the most apples.  Play is stopped when one partner has 5 worms.  Then the partners count their apples.  The student with the most apples wins.  (I give a small prized to each winner.)

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