Sunday, March 11, 2012

The ABC Posters of Oz, Lb, T

My students really enjoyed creating the ABC weight posters.  I placed their finished work in the hallway outside my classroom.  However, the illustrations would make a cute ABC book as well!  

I assigned each student a different letter of the alphabet, excluding letters that would be difficult to find items of weight.  
On a white piece of construction paper, my students labeled the front side of the paper "pounds."  Then I had them draw pictures of items that used pounds as a unit of measure.  My kids had already had experiences finding a pound before this activity.  I placed (1) dictionary, (1) lb weight, and (1) oz weight, and markers, crayons, and colored pencils on each group of 4 desks as resources to help them complete 4-5 illustrations of items measured with pounds.  It took 2 (1) hour math periods to complete.  They had the best time with this activity!

Many students took the activity very seriously.  They went home and made lists of words that began with their letter for the next day.

When they finished the "pounds" side, they flipped their papers over and did the same thing using "ounces."  Of course, there are always the early finishers, so I assigned them "tons" and another piece of construction paper. It was a great activity and the kids still keep asking if we can do it again :)  They keep thinking of new illustrations!

Although the assignment was to illustrate 4-5 items on the posters, my kids just got carried away!

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