Thursday, June 26, 2014

Color Counter Organizing Tidbit

My math class usually ends up in partners or groups before the period is over.  I absolutely believe in kids learning by "doing."  

Since I teach 4 classes of math each day, the "doing" part can become a headache on some days, as far as getting the manipulatives put up for the next class. (We also spend every free second to the end of class working.)  This means that if I am not organized, picking up materials can mean a loss of several nerves each class period, not to mention team teachers who do not want to wait on my class to change! :)  I've gotten my act together over the years and one little tidbit that I have come to love is magnetic color counters! 

Anyone who has used color counters know that they are flat little suckers and hard to pick up. is a great product that makes it quick and easy to get those darn color counters up and in a container in no time flat!  This product consists of a magnetic wand and color counters edged with a magnet.  Pretty neat!  Very simple!

The wand is magnetic and the color counters have a small magnetic strip around them.  The wand just swoops down and picks the counters up!  

I like the colors of the counters too!

The wand is magnetic on both sides, which means it is able to pick up many counters at one time. 
 Your kids will be begging to use it!

Here is the information, if you are interested in ordering the magnetic color counters.  EAI Education sells them, at this time, for $19.49.  This price includes 4 wands and 300 counters.  You can also purchase individual packs of color counters or a larger set with 10 wands.


  1. I love how these are magnetic. I had no idea they made these! I was browsing Ashleigh's TPT store and saw that she mentioned that you may be creating Hands-On Math Centers for 4th grade. Is this true?

    Elementary School Garden

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Yes it is true! I am creating the 4th grade Math Stations! I am in the process of editing them. My hope is to finish and upload them before the end of July. Ashleigh has been so supportive and I appreciate her spreading the word.