Sunday, June 1, 2014

Organization - File Cabinets

Some people call me OCD...for a very good reason.  I like everything to be in a place and I want it to be there when I need it.  My husband has never fully understood that.  He doesn't seem to get that if you borrow my scissors, you must return them to their rightful place.  My children don't understand me either.  They don't see why I get so bent out of shape when I get to the store and someone has borrowed my debit card and "forgotten" to return it.
I try to operate my classroom in an organized manner  too. Everything has a place.  My last post was about my lesson plan notebooks.  Everything is laid out day by day with no surprises.  My copies are always in the front of the notebook and all materials I will need for the day are listed in my lesson plan.  With my lesson plan notebooks, I know I'm not going to forget anything or not be able to find what I need.

I feel the same way about my file cabinets.  What can't fit into my lesson plan notebooks either goes in a plastic container if it is large or bulky, or it goes into my file cabinet.  

I have my math file drawer organized by the standards that I teach, starting with the beginning of the school year until the last unit at the end of the school year. 

This was the first full year of Common Core Performance Standards in my county.  By the end of next year I will have to add at least one more math drawer.  I am quickly running out of room as I prepare new material.

Laminated papers that I use for each  
standard are stored in the file cabinet.

Work Mats

I never have to worry about finding my standards.  There are nicely tucked away in my file cabinet.

Any activities with small pieces go in the file cabinet.  

Another example of work mats.  I label the folder with the standard and day that coordinates with my lesson plan.  It makes it easier to quickly find something and easier to put it back in order.

The file cabinet is a great place to keep up with my "homemade" boardgames. As I mentioned before, I keep the larger materials in another section of my room.  I will be posting about that section on another day. 

The only problem you could possibly have setting up your file cabinets like this is forgetting to put the items back in the file cabinet.  I have been guilty of that too. However, it is still a breeze getting the materials back to their place. 

I hope everyone has a great summer.  Last Friday was my last day.  I am truly looking forward to relaxing and working on TPT items!  


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