Saturday, July 26, 2014

4th Grade Hands-On Math Booklets

I am happy to say I have finished my hands-on math station booklets!  I am so excited to have yet another resource in my classroom where my kids get to have fun and engage themselves without realizing they are learning. :)

Learning, in my opinion at least, is all about being about to retain the material that has been presented and practiced, and applying it the next school year and the next school year... 
Building blocks are the foundation of learning.  

So far, I have listed only the bundle of math station booklets.  I have created 28 booklets.  That's a booklet for EVERY Common Core Performance Standard!  I not only used the common core standards, my personal knowledge and experience with the standards, but, I used an in-depth overview of the standards while preparing the booklets.

There 900 pages with the math station booklet bundle.  There are pages for the booklets, as well as resources to use along with the stations.  I have also included many pictures, (I'm a visual learner and love pictures), and reference cards. (I also have included pictures on several of the reference cards.) Of course, answer keys, where applicable are included, along with resource dividers, (I'm OCD...everything has to be organized.)  Many of the resources come with an option of a black/white or color version. 

The booklets are consumable each year, since students will be writing in them.  However, most of the resource materials will not need to be copied again.  The booklets use resources, which I have included in the bundle, along with simple classroom manipulatives, such as color tiles, pattern blocks, and Unifix cubes.  There are other items needed that are not generally found in a classroom, such as pretzels, M & M's, icing, toothpicks, play dough, paper plates, and Q-tips, to name a few.  These items are inexpensive and easy to find. 

Each math booklet has hands-on activities, along with a few skills practice pages.  I believe in both!  

Even though the hands-on math booklets were created as math station booklets, there are a variety of uses for them.  

Suggested Uses:

- Rotating math stations for reviewing each standard
- Math centers
- Several of the papers can be used for class work or   
- Students who finish an assignment early
- Partner and group activities – One activity a day could 
  be used.
- Workshop Activities
- Guided Math Groups
- Extra Practice
- Standardized Test Prep

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Here are a few of the cover pages from the 28 individual booklets in the bundle.  (I will be putting the individual booklets on over the next few weeks...beginning today.)

A few more examples of what are included in the booklets and of the manipulatives/resources that are used. With the math stations, the standard classroom manipulatives you use do not need to be a classroom set.  You will only need the amount of items for 4-6 students at a station.  Some stations do not require any manipulatives at all.

I would like to give credit to Ashleigh of Ashleigh's Education Journey for the idea and the support she has given me!  She always has such great ideas!  Thanks Ashleigh!

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