Sunday, September 22, 2013

Multiplication Facts Organization

I just had to share this idea with everyone.  It actually  came to me from a parent who was working with her son at home on his multiplication facts.  It is simply a coupon holder made into a math multiplication card holder.  

A picture is worth a thousand words!  
Take a look!

The facts are written on index cards.  The answers are written on the back of each card.

I use paper clips to hold the cards together just in case they fall out.

The coupon holders had sticker labels to label the facts through 12's.  (My fourth grade class begins with the 2's multiplication facts.  If you begin with 0's and 1's, you may have to combine them.  This coupon holder only had 1 tab left).

When I saw the holder that the mom of my student had made, I was so excited, she drove down to the dollar store and bought ALL the rest of the coupon holders for me!  She got them at the Dollar General Store.  I don't know how much they were originally.  However, they were on sale for $0.75, then marked down to $0.30 a piece.  I am in multiplication fact heaven!  I can't wait to use these next week!

I am feeling extremely organized now!  If a student gets finished early with an assignment, or if a someone needs extra help, the multiplication facts are at their fingertips.

When closed, the coupon holders do not take up much room at all.  I am storing mine in a large plastic container.

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  1. Terrific idea, I just made flash cards for a child I tutor and was storing in multiple plastic bags. Thanks for the tip.