Sunday, March 17, 2013

Auntie Nym - Antonyms & Synonyms

I have been wanting to put my "Auntie Nym" stories and activities together for a while now, but, something always came up.  It is so exciting to finally get her posted on TPT for everyone to use!  I have told stories about my great Auntie Nym since the 1980's and have had so many students, as adults, ask if my Auntie Nym has calmed down any, or if she is still up to her old antics.  Auntie Nym, if you haven't guessed, is a terrific way to teach antonyms.  Kids don't forget her!  In fact, it was because of a former student that I decided to go ahead and put her on TPT.  I saw this former student a few months ago and she was telling me how she and her friends had just been talking about Auntie Nym.  That warmed my heart.  
A few years ago, I decided to teach synonyms by creating her cat, Cinnamon.  Cinnamon has all the common sense.  For my activities packet, I have created "Elizabeth," Auntie Nym's great-niece.  Together they have wonderful, although strange, adventures.  
The Auntie Nym packet on TPT comes with 8 mini-poster stories about Auntie Nym's adventures, a task card activity, a hinky pinky activity that my kids have absolutely loved throughout the years, sorting cards 1 and 2, (sorting cards 2 is for remediation, etc...), and challenge task cards.  Answer keys and recording sheets are included where it is applicable.  
Feel free to take a look and enjoy my dear ole' Auntie Nym. Just click on her portrait below.

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