Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some Catching Up to Do!

Since I only started this blog about a month ago, I wanted to let everyone see some of the activities my students have been involved in the last few months.  We began the year with place value, of course.  My class completes many activities through the workshop model, that has a beginning, (teacher opening), middle, (student work time), and end, (wrapping up the activity by having a student or students show work and tell about the activity).  Therefore, the first week or so, I spend most of the math period on the rituals and routines of workshop.  Students need a clear intent about what is expected of them during workshop so that maximum learning can take place.  I have found it is better to spend a little time learning the rituals and routines well at the beginning of school than to fight the battle everyday the rest of the year.

This is my "What I Expect From Students During Workshop" Bulletin Board

"Workshop Model" Bulletin Board
This bulletin board lists the 3 parts of workshop,the standard(s) my class is working on, and  some reminders such as  "Accountable Talk", and "Ask Three Before You Ask Me."

Place Value Activities
These are cards I made for my students to practice periods and places.  Each child receives 6 cards in a library card holder.  I use the larger cards you see as flash cards.  There are obviously more flashcards than 2 :)  (The 58 on the large flashcard, 58,034, is actually blue.)  I begin holding up the flashcards with numbers highlighted in red.  My students then hold up one of the 3 period cards.  After using the red flashcards for awhile, I go to the blue cards.  At this point, my students hold up the period card and a place card.  My students love this activity!  I love it too.  Not only is it great practice, it gives me instant feedback about "who's got it."  I will get these cards out again when reviewing for the state standardized test this spring.

Period and Places Activity

M & M Place Value Activity

 Can anyone guess why the kids love this activity?  The worst part is getting everyone to bring in a bag of M & M's in a timely fashion.  I usually end up supplying many students with M & M's.  Even though, it is a hit, I copied the activity from the internet and it is a bit difficult for 4th graders.  Next year, I am going to create my own handout to go with the M & M's.

Place Value "Mini" Flashcards
These "mini" flashcards can be used at anytime.  I have made flashcards for periods, places, rounding and estimating.  

My kids use these "mini" flashcards different ways, but, the most popular way is to have one student in a group hold up the cards, and the other members of the group call out the answer.  The person who calls out the correct answer, gets the card.  The person with the most cards at the end of the game, gets to be the "holder" the next game.  Sometimes, I give the winner a small treat like an eraser or piece of candy.

Students using the "mini" flashcards
Even though I love for my students to move around and have fun learning, I still like it all to be organized and the least confusing environment as possible.  So, my students raise their hand and are called on, instead of shouting out the answer.  They also have scratch paper in the caddy on their desks for figuring out the answer when needed.

Place Value Professionals Board Game
I made this board game for my students to practice everything they have learned throughout the place value unit, since it is cumulative.
I Have, Who Has
I Have, Who Has is also a great review of any subject.  This one was created to review place value.  Don't let anyone tell you that an " I Have, Who Has" activity has to be whole group.  We play in partners and 3-4 member groups.

Moving Right Along to a mini Algebra Unit 
Input / Output

                                                                Lots of                 cutting
 Variable and Expressions Algebra Memory Game

This is actually a Algebra Math Center but, this year I converted it to a "memory" game.  My students really get into this activity.  I love to modify my lessons and activities from year to year...makes life more fun!
 Still to multiplication unit.

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