Saturday, December 17, 2011


Division Vocabulary
The first item I concentrate on when I begin my division unit is the vocabulary.  There are 4 words my students need to be familiar with:  Divisor, Dividend, Quotient, and Remainder. One of the favorite activities of my students is the vocabulary flashcard division activity.  The students each receive a vocabulary card packet containing the 4 key words.  (I place these in a library card pocket for each student.)  I hold up larger cards with division problems on them.  I have the part of the problem I want them to concentrate on highlighted in red.  I give my students time to find the card that he/she thinks goes with the highlighted part of the division problem.  On the count of three the students then hold up the card that matches my flashcard.  It is a fun way to practice the vocabulary.

Division Vocabulary Flashcard Activity
The teacher flashcards.
The student vocabulary cards.

  My students also play a short memory game with the division vocabulary words.  It only take a few minutes and the students usually have enough time to complete the game a couple of times during a ten minute period.

The 8 cards are mixed up and placed in either a 2 x 4 or  
4 x 2 array.  Students take turns attempting to match each vocabulary word with the correct definition.

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  1. I love the short memory game. It looks like a great way to review.