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Hi.  My name is Lisa and I have been a classroom teacher for 22 years.  I have taught at both the elementary and middle school level.  Along with my education degree, I have a Masters of Education degree and a Specialist degree, not to mention a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  I've been married to the same man for over 30 years.  We have raised 3 children...all of which are in college.  Donations are appreciated and welcomed. :) I love creating lessons and activities.  I've spent most of my teaching career without textbooks or workbooks.  Out of necessity came the passion that I have for creating materials that I need in order to effectively teach my kids.  I hope you enjoy my blog and will come back to visit me again! ~Lisa

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  1. I am looking to purchase your 4th grade math products, but am having a hard time picturing how they work all together during a math block. Can you email me your schedule within a block, and how you use these?

    Sara @ Everyday I'm Calculatin