Sunday, October 27, 2013

Place Value - Places and Periods

When introducing place value, my students always start out confused by the differences of places and periods of numbers.  I try many different strategies, including lots and lots of place value charts.  After a bit of practice, I always include a flashcard activity of places and periods. 

Below, I have posted some pictures of the place value flashcard activity I use in my classroom.  Each child receives 6 laminated cards:  ones / tens / hundreds / Ones / Thousands / Millions.  

I hold onto the flashcards.  I put one flashcard under the document viewer at a time, (the cards can simply be held up for the class to see too), and the students decide on which place and period the highlighted number on the flashcard is located.  They look through their cards and find the correct place and period.  At my signal, everyone holds up two cards. I go through all the flashcards in this manner. 

Beside being excellent practice, this activity is a quick assessment of where the students are, and who needs more help!

The cards in the pictures are my first, original cards.  I have updated them since first using them in my classroom.  You can find them the updated versions of the cards by clicking on the following link:

There are 6 cards per student.

I place the flashcard on the document viewer, but, they can be held by hand and shown to the class.

When I give the signal, all children hold their place and period card up at the same time.  I usually have the students hold the cards in their hands like they were playing a card game, so students won't be tempted to look at each others cards until we hold them up.

This activity is really helpful for me.  It allows me to get a quick assessment of what each student knows.  
We have a discussion after each turn.  As the activity moves along, I see more and more students catching on.

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