Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ordering Fractions

     Well, I am still moving along on the new common core standards.  Last week my students practiced ordering fractions with unlike denominators.  I was very, very proud of them.  There was a day when I taught this very thing to 6th graders. Now, here were my 4th grade babies "getting it."  The final activity we completed before moving on to the next standard was called Order Up!  The object of the activity was to put sets of cards, (six to a set), in order from least to greatest by finding common denominators.  We worked with partners but, the cards can be used with groups or in centers too.


Once the partners picked a set of color-coded cards, they proceeded to find the least common multiple of each denominator.  

     From this point, they found the common denominator for the set of cards.

     When the new fractions were created using the common denominator, the set of 6 cards were placed in order from least to greatest.  The final step was to record the order on a recording sheet. 

     These kids worked their hearts out!  I am so proud of them!  They liked hearing me brag on them but, they especially loved hearing about how they were working like 6th graders.
     If you would like to view the Order Up! activity, please click the Order Up! cover page below.

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